Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Karen Byrd creates Afrocentric dolls that represent every image of the African American Women experience.  From dreadlocks, to afros, to straight look, to curly curly ...Natural Beautiful Hair Dolls represent a rainbow of exquisite styles and total class.

At first glance, one can not believe what they are looking at.  The perfect details of the hair, the outfit, the makeup, the accessories makes the viewer stare in awe.  In fact, the dolls take on such a real personality, they begin to look like people you know.

According to Byrd in Inland Valley Newspaper, :"It is very important that little girls have dolls that look like them. We can tell our children how beautiful they are, but if they have dolls that don’t look like them, and are bombarded by images of a different kind of beauty in the media, then they will be confused about what beauty is. Having an ethnic doll that looks like them reaffirms that they are beautiful. That their features and hair are indeed beautiful!”


Positive embracement of the black woman portrayed in dolls creates pride and self confidence in all...children and adults alike.

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  1. these dolls are beautiful , i would just collect them tho because i think I would be worried if a kid would mess up the hair and I t wouldn't go back the way it came

    1. ABSOLUTELY...make sure you ck out our new HOME on www.urbanlyfestylesmagazine.com

  2. I had black dolls when I was younger I thought I was as beutiful as them but as I got older white dolls were always so much more pretty to me. Because people were telling me I'm ugly cause I'm black. I'm 17 now and still can't seem to think that being black is ok help me out please I still looove dolls a lot.